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28 September 2030 @ 09:56 am
07 October 2011 @ 04:07 pm
I know I'm late but still ... I want to say to both of them
Happy Belated Birthday Nakamaru Yuichi & Ueda Tatsuya

Here are some gifts from me and snowaltz

MTV J K Pop 2009.06.04 (softsub only)Collapse )

Hadaka no Shounen 2002.10.05Collapse )

So sorry that I could only give these short clips to celebrate their birthdays and even more I'm late for saying happy birthday to them at the exact time ;_; but hopefully you can enjoy watching them.

Enjoy your weekend everyone!
03 July 2011 @ 12:00 pm
Let's start the ramblings from Shota’s new single ♥♥♥

That PV is from Shota’s new single “LOVE”. I’m not expert in describing about how good some songs are. I just can say I like this song “LOVE” better than his two previous releases “You and I” and “Forget Me Not”. There’s something in this song which makes me replaying this song again and again, not only on my laptop but also in my head. I can’t describe what it is in words. If you want to know the meaning of each songs Shota wrote for this single, you can read the translation of his interview with Excite by dookmi here. Thank you to my friend j_u_addict for telling me about that entry in arama.

Ouran, badminton, agatha christie ~ too much randomnessCollapse )

Full Screencaps : here

Spoiler CapsCollapse )

Credits and Download LinkCollapse )
Special Comment from me:
I hope there's some PD in Japan who can realize how awesome KAT-TUN and Perfume's interaction in variety shows, so they will make one variety show hosted by these two groups!!!
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[63] L icons

Teaser :

Let's Value Our Lives Collapse )

Taken from : L's Photobook File No. 15 scanned by [info]tika_veilan

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18 May 2011 @ 10:03 pm
I just finished watching Music Japan, the talk part where KAT-TUN played tennis table with Perfume. I know it has been old, but I couldn't download this part because of my "lovely" internet provider behaved "very normal" at weekend. The internet connection has been disconnected since morning until late at night. It still behaved "normally" in Monday which apparently Monday was also still holiday here. It was a long weekend starting from Saturday til Tuesday .

Yesterday, I luckily found this part on YouTube. I'm so grateful there's someone who has uploaded this show because despite my bad internet connection problem, I have very limited space in my HDD.

Somehow it's the same LOL Koki and Maru's dirty trick!Collapse )
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Today is 9th May, and it's time for Yokocho's Birthday

お誕生日おめでとう 横山侯隆

Yoko in my eyesCollapse )
I only can make these plain icons to celebrate his birthday You can use these icons as your base to make a colorful and amazing icon as you want.

Teaser :

Click the LJ cut below to see the icons
Douzou ~Collapse )

*LOL at my previous mistake writing the real name of Yoko as Kitayama not Kimitaka. I really should sleep now*
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It’s a re-subbed video from the current subbed video here . I decided to re-subbed this because when I checked SC entry in indexje, there’s still no one subbing this.
It's my first attempt to sub something ♥

About Atatepon
Atatepon is one segment in old Shounen Club where one of the junior will ask one question and the other juniors try to guess the correct answer. There’re 3 different answer choices and each of them will be shown by videos on the big screen. It’s similar with Junior Colosseum in Shounen Club this day.

Full Screencaps : here
MC : Kamenashi Kazuya
The one who asked a question : Ueda Tatsuya
Participants : Jimmy Mackey, Uesada, and the special guest Imai Tsubasa

HighlightsCollapse )

Credits and Download LinksCollapse )
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04 May 2011 @ 09:02 am
Just in case you're interested being a subber, I will give you the video tutorial I’ve found very helpful. I have to admit that I like learning by watching, not by reading the tutorial.

First Step : Download and Installation The ProgramCollapse )

Subbing Process (How to Do Timing)Collapse )

Okay, that’s it. Hope those videos and a little bit explanation from me can be helpful to you if you want to try subbing.
Note :
  • About making an effect for subbing Music Video, I haven’t learned about it since I’m still not interested in subbing PV.
  • Don’t hesitate and don’t be shy asking me if you have a question. I only understand the basics, but I’m willing to help you and if I don’t know how to answer, I’ll ask my friend who’s already an experienced subber.
  • If you think it’s difficult for you to watch the tutorial online because of the slow loading process, just tell me. I’ll upload those videos and I’ll send you the download links.
Hope this will become a handy for you. I hope with this tutorial, many people will be interested in subbing process so you can help many subbing team to sub your favorite idols’ videos or else you can be an individual subber.
About hardsubbing process, I haven't find a detailed tutorial so I'm learning it myself with some help from my lovely mod (again I'm bothering him) so I'll give the tutorial by writing the steps. I haven't finished the tutorial so I'll edit this entry after I finish it.
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01 May 2011 @ 06:29 pm
I’m really bored and not having any plan to go anywhere this weekend. I’m just sitting in front of my my laptop and suddenly I decided to make these L icons.

If you don’t know who L is, I will give a brief introduction about him.
About LCollapse )

These icons I made is L in live action movie played by Kenichi Matsuyama. If you watched 1 Litre of Tears drama, you’ll recognize him as Kikuchi Aya’s senpai who dumped her because of her illness.
These icons here are made from his photobook. I didn’t use any brushes or effects because I haven’t downloaded and installed Adobe Photoshop to my laptop. I only play with brightness , contrast, and the midtone. You can use these icons as your base.

Preview :

Click the LJ cut below to see the icons.

No matter how gifted, you alone cannot change the world. - by L -Collapse )

*credit is not necessary, just don't claim them as yours*
Taken from : L's Photobook File No. 15 scanned by tika_veilan
Note : The order of those icons above is based on "something special" though. It's related with my daily routine.
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