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[EngSub] Atatepon 2004.11.21 - Usotsuki Hime

It’s a re-subbed video from the current subbed video here . I decided to re-subbed this because when I checked SC entry in indexje, there’s still no one subbing this.
It's my first attempt to sub something ♥

About Atatepon
Atatepon is one segment in old Shounen Club where one of the junior will ask one question and the other juniors try to guess the correct answer. There’re 3 different answer choices and each of them will be shown by videos on the big screen. It’s similar with Junior Colosseum in Shounen Club this day.

Full Screencaps : here
MC : Kamenashi Kazuya
The one who asked a question : Ueda Tatsuya
Participants : Jimmy Mackey, Uesada, and the special guest Imai Tsubasa

Highlights :
1. Kame told about one of Ueda’s “action”.

2. Junno couldn’t believe in Ueda at all (?)

3. And Jimmy!!! ♥ One of my fave JE boys

4. Why Kame said “Wait?” Well you have to find the answer yourself because this part really made me laughing.

5. Looks like there’s someone who was trying so hard to hold back his laughter ^^;

Chi-Eng translator : xero. Thank you for giving me permission to re-subbed your video and post it on my LJ. Without her subbed video, I can never sub this video. Please send her a thank you by leaving a comment on her YT video here.
Subber : ai-chan (me)
RAW credit to : jone_records

Download Links
Softsub : MU  MF
Hardsubbed : MF MU

Note :
  • It’s my first attempt to do subbing so it’s not as good as the subber team out there ^^
  • If you’ve ever watched xero’s subbed video, you will realize that my translation here are different from hers. It’s merely because I added my own translation, I understand a little bit Japanese language.
  • Criticism are always welcomed. We can’t guarantee our translations are 100% accurate because neither of us are expert in Japanese language, so there might be some (or a lot) mistakes.

Enjoy the subbed video ~
And if you’re interested in subbing but afraid to do so because you feel it’s difficult/tiring, you can go to my entry here. I collected the tutorial videos which I feel very helpful for the beginner or someone who has no experience in subbing at all. Maybe after seeing the process, you can try to do subbing.
Tags: *download : video, eng-subbed, imai tsubasa, jimmy mackey, junnosuke taguchi, kamenashi kazuya, ueda tatsuya, uesada
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