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Happy Belated Birthday MaruDa

I know I'm late but still ... I want to say to both of them
Happy Belated Birthday Nakamaru Yuichi & Ueda Tatsuya

Here are some gifts from me and snowaltz

MTV J K Pop 2009.06.04 (softsubs only)

RAW : here
Softsubs : MF (The subs starts at 01:09, so please endure the first 1 minute without subs. The guy only explained about the BTR album I think)
Description: Both of them were asked about their new album “Break The Records”. And also, this is the 2nd time I found the same question. The question which always appeared when they were interviewed by this MTV J K Pop and also the question which surprisingly made the narcissistic side of Ueda awaken. BTW, I like your choice of song, Maru <3

Hadaka no Shounen 2002.10.05

Download Link : MF
Description : It's just a very short clip, only 44 seconds. In this skit, we can see MaruDa played happily as husband and wife and also they dragged the innocent turtle to act as their child.

English translations : snowaltz

So sorry that I could only give these short clips to celebrate their birthdays and even more I'm late for saying happy birthday to them at the exact time ;_; but hopefully you can enjoy watching them.

Enjoy your weekend everyone!
Tags: *download : video, eng-subbed, nakamaru yuichi, ueda tatsuya
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