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[icons] L - File No. 15 (Part 1)

I’m really bored and not having any plan to go anywhere this weekend. I’m just sitting in front of my my laptop and suddenly I decided to make these L icons.

If you don’t know who L is, I will give a brief introduction about him.
About L
L is a protagonist character in manga Death Note, rival of the main character “Light Yagami”. In this manga, the main character plays as the antagonist one because he kills whom he wants by only writing their real name in the book called Death Note. That’s why he called as Kira (Killer). At first I adore Light because he only uses that book to kill bad people, but as time goes by he also kills many innocent people who’s trying to reveal his real identity. L is a detective or you can call him as an investigator to reveal the real identity of Kira. The term “Don’t judge the book by its cover” applies to L, because he has unique personality. You can identify him easily by dark circle under his eyes. Even though he looks like a cool person on the outside, but he's surprisingly likes to eat sweets like candies, cakes, chocolates, etc or maybe you can say he's addicted to sweets. One of his famous quote is “" If you use your head, you won't get fat even if you eat sweets ". He likes to suck his thumb too.

These icons I made is L in live action movie played by Kenichi Matsuyama. If you watched 1 Litre of Tears drama, you’ll recognize him as Kikuchi Aya’s senpai who dumped her because of her illness.
These icons here are made from his photobook. I didn’t use any brushes or effects because I haven’t downloaded and installed Adobe Photoshop to my laptop. I only play with brightness , contrast, and the midtone. You can use these icons as your base.

Preview :

Click the LJ cut below to see the icons.


*credit is not necessary, just don't claim them as yours*
Taken from : L's Photobook File No. 15 scanned by tika_veilan
Note : The order of those icons above is based on "something special" though. It's related with my daily routine.
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